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Such an Insensitive A.sshole

Yep… and once again, I’ve started a blog post and have gotten side tracked… just know that this was originally written last Friday, July 5th…

So, we just finished partying for America’s birthday and we are approaching our first beach trip with Baby C… But before I get to that… I mentioned TTC #2 in my last blog… Or, at least I think I did… Any who, the fact of the matter is, my wife C will be carrying this go round. She recently graduated with her masters degree and is in the midst of a job search so whether or not she gets a new job will determine exactly WHEN we will start trying again. So, C had an appointment with the RE this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, the RE that helped us with Baby C is moving out of state so we had an appointment with her replacement. The fact that we had to take Baby C with us to an infertility office is why I felt like such an a.sshole. I remember seeing women with babies and baby bumps when we were trying and I would be sad and resentful so it’s only right that I would feel awful about taking our beautiful baby girl with us to our appointment. Thank God our appointment was early in the morning and there were hardly any patients there.

The doctor was great! We discussed our fears and asked all of our questions. She’s very attentive, laid back and isn’t quick to push medicated cycles. C got a pap and an ultrasound. The RE said that she has a textbook uterus and that everything looked great despite C’s concerns about being AMA. The RE even saw a 16mm follicle in the left ovary and a bunch of little follicles in the right. We left the office with the RE’s card and directions to email her when we are ready to start inseminations so that we can coordinate things….

And now, I’m guessing that you are picking up on my new style of blogging… The “I’ll start this blog on my phone, get side tracked with the baby or some other household chore and come back to it days or weeks later” style… Hey, just be proud of the fact that I am indeed blogging again… For now.

So, all went well with the RE, we had family over for the 4th and totally wore Baby C out and we headed to Ocean City Saturday. ’twas an awesome week/weekend in our household. C was offered the job but she had to turn it down due to the salary and the fact that her pay us contingent upon government funding… This means, we are going to start TTC#2 sooner rather than later… Unless another job offer comes thru.

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Cardinal New Parent’s Rule Number One

Whelp, looks like I’m breaking Cardinal First Parent’s Rule Number 1: Nap When Baby Naps (or in this case, when she’s gone to the nursery) So, I was gonna update this blog Wednesday at some point but… My water broke. I’ll be sure to post the entire birth story soon! But back to me breaking this rule… We are in the hospital and per C’s smartly ingenious rationale we are taking advantage of the nursery option. We’ve been having them take baby girl C to the nursery at night but they bring her back every 2-3 hours so that I can feed her… We just sent her back about a half hour ago to try to get more sleep since we hardly got any last night. I say all of this to say, I should be asleep instead of typing this blog entry. I should be asleep instead of questioning if I’m a bad mom since we may have to supplement baby girl with formula until my milk comes in… I shouldn’t feel guilty about the breast reduction that I had over 10 years ago… I suppose you can constantly plan things out the way you THINK they will go and things don’t seem to fall into place that way… Like my OB said when we asked her if we should have a birth plan, “There is no plan because you have no control of it. You simply pray to the delivery gods that things work out smoothly.” Tons of pain medicine, over 12 hours of active labor and a caesarean later… I know what she means.

I say all of that to say, I should be ecstatic that my daughter is here happy and healthy never mind the fact that I may have to supplement her nursing with formula until my breast milk comes in. Yet, in the wee hours of the morning she looked lethargic, her little lips were beyond dry and the colostrum that I am producing is no longer enough to sustain her growing belly. The nurses informed us that she lost about 9.4% of her birth weight and tho they weren’t alarmed yet, I knew it was headed in that direction. The lactation consultant set me up with a breast pump to try to encourage my milk to come in faster by pumping in between feedings and supplementing at the breast. Unfortunately, it’s not a lot. I’ve gotten about 5cc out twice with a pumping session or two resulting in nothing. I nearly cried as C filled a syringe with Enfamil for me to give to our daughter. I felt like a failure. I nursed her and supplemented with formula while she was on my breast, cuddled her a bit and sent her back to the nursery… 2 hours later she looked much happier. Despite how much I planned to be this champion nurser, I have to accept the fact that the plan may be written another way. I suppose I’ll nap now while she’s gone and simply enjoy her when she comes back… And pray that her bilirubin levels come back normal.

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