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Is it because I’m a Scorpio Mom-To-Be

I’m not sure if its the possessiveness of my zodiac sign or the sheer over protectiveness of becoming a parent but I simply hate when people have opinions of how my daughter will be or they seem like they are dead set on knowing anything about her! Call me crazy… But it gets my panties in a bunch!

So, ever since I’ve started showing the one remark has remained the same, “That’s gonna be a big baby!” From doctor’s to friends, the sentiment has been the same. I had a dream that Baby C weighed in at 6lbs 9ozs. C’s guess is that she’s gonna weigh 7lbs 9ozs… I’ll take that. We are her mom’s, only our guesses really count! LOL. Of course the other comments have began to flood in… “You may as well throw away those newborn diapers. She won’t be able to fit them.” *blank stare* Newborn diapers to up to 10 lbs… I’m sure she will be able to wear them for at least a few weeks to a month. Besides, most babies lose a little weight after birth any how.

Call me petty but I hate this. I just want them all to shut up. Actually, I want Baby C to come out at around 6lbs 9ozs so that they will all be wrong! I honestly think it has more to do with my control issues than anything. The same thing happened for the gender reveal. I really wanted Baby C to be a boy simply because everyone just KNEW she was a girl. For some reason, I can’t stand for others to be right. I think I need to just get over it!

I write all of that to say, we went in for our 38 week appointment the other day and all looks well. Baby girl is head down and in position. No significant dilation but my BH contractions have gotten more intense. We also had a growth scan sono yesterday and they are estimating her weight at 7lbs 9ozs. Hopefully, she doesn’t gain too much more weight. Although she is head down and in position she’s turned the wrong way. Now, we just need her to turn around and press her way out!

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