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The Birth of a Piglet

I love how things come full circle. It has a way of letting you see completion. In December of 2010 C and I drove to The Birchmere in Arlington, VA to see Mint Condition, C’s favorite band, in concert. Since then, we’ve gone to every Mint Condition concert in our area over the last three years. So, imagine C’s heartbreak when the RE gave us a due date of March 21st and the Mint Condition concert dates were March 19th & 20th. C didn’t buy tickets because we didn’t want to chance it. The tickets sold out. The morning of the 19th C asked if I wanted to take a chance, drive to VA and see if someone would be scalping tickets. I figured what did we have to lose at the least we could get dinner if we didn’t get in. Everyone who knows us knows that all we mostly play for baby C is Mint Condition so they all said the concert would put me into labor. Needless to say, we took the hour and forty five minute drive, stood in line for about an hour and GOT tickets! The show was awesome and baby C was dancing in my belly the entire time.

The next day was our weekly appointment with the OB and I was praying for some progress since the previous week bought no news at all… No dilation… No effacement… No nothing. So, this time we go in and I place my feet in the stirrups, the OB said I was 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced! We were all impressed with the progress that I had made over the course of a week. According to her records and by using my last menstrual period, my due date was the upcoming Monday. Since I had been so miserable for the last few weeks, she had scheduled for us to come in at 5:30 am Tuesday, March 26th to be induced. Her last words before we left her office was to not go into labor over the weekend because it wasn’t her weekend on call and that she planned on getting some sleep. LOL. C and I walked out of the office feeling elated! As much as we wanted Baby C to chose her own birthday, having a date set for induction gave us a light at the end of a long 40 week tunnel.

We arrived home and settled in for the evening. For those of you following my blog know my struggle with heartburn and I had taken my last Prilosec that morning. C mentioned running to the liquor store for beer and I was going to tag along and buy a 7 day supply of Prilosec. I jokingly looked at my belly and told Baby C that she could come now since I really didn’t want to buy any more Prilosec. C changed her mind about the liquor store and I decided to just get my Prilosec in the morning. We watched a bit of TV, lounged around the house and I decided to grab my sage stick and smudge Baby C’s room in preparation for her arrival. We settled in to watch the season finale of Unsung around 10 pm. Regardless of how I positioned myself on the sofa, I could not get comfortable. My back began hurting around 10:30-10:45ish. I told C about my discomfort and pain and decided to go lay in the bedroom for a bit. While laying in bed, I felt a radiating pain across the bottom of my stomach. Totally not like cramps but I knew what they were. I opened one of my many pregnancy apps and began to time my contractions. They were roughly 2-3 minutes apart. By this time, C noticed that I was gone for quite a bit of time and she came into the bedroom to find out what was going on. She saw me timing contractions and asked how far apart they were. They were between 2-3 minutes apart. I got up and figured I would try to pee. I waddled to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and heard and felt a little pop. All of a sudden, I felt a bunch of liquid begin to trickle down into the toilet. C was in the living room folding blankets by now and I screamed out, “Babe!!! I think my water broke!” She ran to the bathroom immediately and asked if I was serious. I asked her if she heard the trickling liquid hitting the toilet water and I told her that that was not me peeing. I wiped and saw a clear mucus with a pink tinge. Realizing that this was it, C called the on call doctor and they told us to head to labor and delivery. Funny enough, my water broke at 11:22 pm and C’s birthday is 11/22!!!

We arrived at the hospital a little after midnight and was triaged. The triage nurse checked me and my water had definitely broken. I was also 100% effaced. We sat in triage until my labor room was ready and then they wheeled me down the hall. I initially went into this pregnancy saying that I didn’t want any drugs and that I wanted to do it natural. That crap changed as soon as the pain hit! The contractions weren’t that bad but it was the back pain that was doing me in. Although baby girl was head down, her head was facing my right side which caused tons of back pain. They hit me with drugs and C and I turned off the lights and settled in for a nap. We knew it was going to be a long night. We did notify family of where we were and what was going on but we told them to stay home and get some rest until I progressed a bit more.

My mother arrived at the hospital around 4:30 am and all I could do was laugh to myself knowing she wouldn’t follow directions. C went to escort her from the lobby to the labor room and the nurse checked me again. 4 cm! I could now get the epidural! The anesthesiologist was called and the epidural was put it… I continued to labor and suck on ice chips. My in laws arrived and eventually my best friend showed up. Every now and again the anesthesiologist had to come back in to top off my epidural because it wasn’t working correctly. Dr. Allen arrived early the next morning full of smiles! There was no longer a need for my scheduled induction! I continued to labor while they had me switching positions to try to get Baby C in a better position. I dilated slowly. I think I was 8 cm around the time the 5 o’clock news came on. But… My cervix was now swollen. The nurses grabbed my OB and she told me what was going on. She suggested that I try to push down while she pushed up on my cervix to see if she good get rid of the swelling. We pushed twice and the swelling didn’t go away. At this point, I had been in active labor for about 13 hours. I was extremely exhausted, still feeling pain and simply wanting to meet my baby. I asked what was plan B and she said caesarean. I looked at C and asked if she was alright with that. We agreed and Dr. Allen grabbed the consent forms. I signed where needed and they took me off to prep for surgery while C suited up in her scrubs and escorted our family off to the waiting area.

And here’s where the fun begins… I felt myself falling asleep as they wheeled me into the operating room. I began to cry and panic. I kept telling the nurses and the anesthesiologist that I wanted to be awake when they took the baby out. They assured me that I wouldn’t fall asleep but I told them that I had already started to drift off. At this point, I was laboring for over 14 hours and I was beyond exhausted. I’m not sure if my body was simply trying to rest or if it was the anesthesia that was making me drowsy. They wheeled me to the operating table and although I remember moving my legs and lifting my body to help transfer me from one table to the other, I remember someone saying that I shouldn’t have been able to do that. They got me situated and the anesthesiologist explained to me that he was gonna numb me from my stomach down and test to make sure I couldn’t feel anything. I coached myself into relaxing and settled in. I felt him pinch my chest, then the top of my belly by my solar plexus, then he pinched the bottom of my belly by my womb but I didn’t feel anything. I don’t remember too much about my actual caesarean after this point. C said they brought her in and she was by my side. She said she assured me that she was there and that I lightly squeezed her hand. I remember feeling like I had to vomit and then seeing a bright white light. In all honesty, it could’ve just been the surgery lights over top of me but in my mind, I saw “the white light.” I remember someone putting a suction instrument in my mouth. I saw myself outside of myself and just knew that I choked on my own vomit and died in delivery. I kept telling myself that that couldn’t be the end and that I needed to go back for my family. Then, I saw the nurses standing around me. I kept reading their name badges out loud to try to bring myself out of my state of grogginess. I was so happy to be back on this side but I hadn’t seen my baby yet. It felt like hours before I finally saw our little girl. When C finally brought her to me, I asked her for the anointing oil. While still heavily sedated, I anointed baby girl’s forehead and said a small prayer over her. They brought family in one by one so that they could see her but then they had to leave since it was after visiting hours. Baby C was born at 7:24pm on March 21, 2013.

Now, I said I don’t remember much but according to C, my delivery was like a scene out of the Exorcism of Emily Rose. She said that after she reassured me that she was by my side and squeezing her hand I laid still on the table for a few. Then, suddenly, I started to lift my body off of the table and motioning my mouth as if I was screaming but no sound was being emitted. C asked if I could feel anything and they told her that I was sedated and that I couldn’t feel a thing. C said I was motioning as if I was going to vomit so they put a pan near my mouth. She said my tongue appeared as if I was seizing. They put a suction tube in my mouth. C said that at one point I tried to reach around the blue curtain to where my open abdomen was… Really scary shit, right? Everyone assured C that I couldn’t feel a thing and they all asked me to tell them where it hurts. They figured I couldn’t handle the anxiety of the surgery and decided that they had to put me all the way under in order to complete the caesarean. C said the anesthesiologist put a milky substance, which we later found out was propofol, into my IV and I was totally sedated. No watching them hold up my baby girl once she was out… C cut the cord and had to decide whose side she wanted to be by… She said she took one look at me and Dr. Allen and she knew that I was in good hands.

I remember coming to and reading all of the nurses name badges out loud. I was just making sure I was still alive and alert. It was late, they wheeled us all to our postpartum room and then they whisked my baby off for her testing. They said it had to be done within a 4 hour window of her birth and there was only 25 minutes left. Baby girl C weighed in at 7lbs 13.8ozs. She was 20.5 inches long and had a head circumference of 35. She came out of my belly eyes open, fully alert and suckling… I’m so looking forward to life with this little Aries fireball! She’s pink in color for right now and has this high pitched squeal unlike any other, for this, I call her piglet.

All in all, our first date became our last date before we welcomed our daughter into our family. Full circle. Completion.

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