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Figuring Out Baby C

Things that my daughter does while attempting to fall asleep that will forever baffle me:

1. Pull her hair… Ma’am, are you into some sadistic torture that requires you to inflict pain upon yourself? I would think not because it always results in you crying bloody murder.

2. Forcefully pulling her pacifier out of her mouth and then trying to put it back… Trying to improve your fine motor skills with this exercise is great but nap/bed time may not be the best time to practice this. It frustrates you.

3. Constantly pulling her bib, burp cloth or any other item over her face… Are you old enough to even know that you prefer your face being covered while you are asleep?

4. Pulling her ear and clawing at her face and neck… Ma’am? Need I ask you again about your sadistic tendencies…

And then, after her doing all of these things and me constantly trying to stop her… She falls asleep only to wake up 30-45 minutes later.

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Such an Insensitive A.sshole

Yep… and once again, I’ve started a blog post and have gotten side tracked… just know that this was originally written last Friday, July 5th…

So, we just finished partying for America’s birthday and we are approaching our first beach trip with Baby C… But before I get to that… I mentioned TTC #2 in my last blog… Or, at least I think I did… Any who, the fact of the matter is, my wife C will be carrying this go round. She recently graduated with her masters degree and is in the midst of a job search so whether or not she gets a new job will determine exactly WHEN we will start trying again. So, C had an appointment with the RE this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, the RE that helped us with Baby C is moving out of state so we had an appointment with her replacement. The fact that we had to take Baby C with us to an infertility office is why I felt like such an a.sshole. I remember seeing women with babies and baby bumps when we were trying and I would be sad and resentful so it’s only right that I would feel awful about taking our beautiful baby girl with us to our appointment. Thank God our appointment was early in the morning and there were hardly any patients there.

The doctor was great! We discussed our fears and asked all of our questions. She’s very attentive, laid back and isn’t quick to push medicated cycles. C got a pap and an ultrasound. The RE said that she has a textbook uterus and that everything looked great despite C’s concerns about being AMA. The RE even saw a 16mm follicle in the left ovary and a bunch of little follicles in the right. We left the office with the RE’s card and directions to email her when we are ready to start inseminations so that we can coordinate things….

And now, I’m guessing that you are picking up on my new style of blogging… The “I’ll start this blog on my phone, get side tracked with the baby or some other household chore and come back to it days or weeks later” style… Hey, just be proud of the fact that I am indeed blogging again… For now.

So, all went well with the RE, we had family over for the 4th and totally wore Baby C out and we headed to Ocean City Saturday. ’twas an awesome week/weekend in our household. C was offered the job but she had to turn it down due to the salary and the fact that her pay us contingent upon government funding… This means, we are going to start TTC#2 sooner rather than later… Unless another job offer comes thru.

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One Year Later

What a difference a year makes! 1 year ago today, C and I received a pleasant surprise around 6 am. We surely have stories that will have you laughing but after trying for 6 months, we woke up on 7/7/12 to a wonderful surprise… two blue lines! We got pregnant on the 7th month of trying, and found out in the 7th month of the year on the 7th day… talk about completion! After an emotional journey, one year later, we wake up to this little burrito!


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I’m still alive… Motherhood hasn’t killed me off

And to show you how horrible of a blogger I am, the following three paragraphs have been sitting patiently in blog land waiting to be finished… I’m guessing I woke up in the middle of the night for a feed 2 weeks ago and began writing after Baby C went back to sleep… So much has happened since then but I’ll let you read this portion and then update you on the rest.

{Post written about 2 weeks ago} Well, it’s been ages since I’ve updated and let you folks know about my wonderful motherhood journey thus far… As of today, Baby C is officially 12 weeks old! She rolled over this morning in honor of the festivities. She’s such a feisty little thing and she brings so much joy to C and I.

Today is also the day that I was supposed to head back to work… But… I’ve had my leave extended once again. I don’t ever want to go back! I want to be a SAHM. Shoot, I’ll even go the WAHM route if it means more time with my precious girl. I mean, wouldn’t you want to hang out with the kid who’s smiles melt your heart daily?!

But… It hasn’t all been roses and calla Lillie’s. There was a bit of postpartum in my journey. A little depression and a lot of anxiety! I mean, you are sent home with this whole life for real baby that can’t talk and tell you what’s wrong. Totally. Scary. Shit. Right. {End}

And I’ll pick up here assuming I can remember my train of thought…

How will you know which cry is which? Will I be a good mother? How does she know I’m her mommy? Despite working in a daycare and helping raise countless children, its like, you totally forget everything that you’ve learned about caring for kids once you initially have one of your own. But, I’m happy to report that things are smooth sailing now! Baby C and I have developed a schedule now… Or rather, she has put ME on a schedule!

She’s eating about every 3-3.5 during the day and about every 4-5 hours at night. Which is a much better stretch than that God awful every 2 hour bid that we had to endure in the beginning. So, bath time is 7:30 and regardless of how sleepy she is once she’s out of the bath, she typically doesn’t go down for the night until 10 or 11… If she does fall asleep after bath time, she typically wakes up in about an hour. Although, last night she went down around 9:30ish and didn’t stir until around 1ish. MaMa C handed her to me and I fed her. She went back down immediately and woke again around 4:45-5 for another bottle. She are and went back to sleep. I just finished her morning feed and she’s down again. She typically doesn’t wake for the day until around 9:30-10. Which by no means is a problem for me. Sometimes, I’ll lay back down with her… Other times, I’ll stay up and enjoy the peace. I can only gather that her schedule and sleep patterns will become more defined as she gets older.

And no, I’m not back to work yet. Yes, I’ve had my leave extended once again! MaMa C and I have both come to terms with the fact that neither of us wants me to go back to work. We did take a road trip this pass weekend and left Baby C with her Gamma overnight, which was our first time leaving her. I cried the entire drive to drop her off but we all did well. Despite the fact that Gamma didn’t get much rest because C refused to sleep. She didn’t cry but she did talk Gamma to death. Lol. So, even though we’ve jumped the hurdle of someone else keeping her, we both feel like no one will take care of her needs during the day like I will. This has led to me currently getting out house ready for me to apply to run a family daycare in our home. I’m over the hills ecstatic. I’ve wanted to do this for years and have always let it fall by the wayside. Well, not this time! Staying home with Baby C is my sheer motivation! That and all of the flack that my job has given me while I’ve been out.

Other things that have been going on with us: MaMa C’s hunt for a new job and the TTC journey of #2 on the horizon but I feel like this post is long enough so I’ll spare you and write about that in another post.

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