It’s a…. BOY!!!

That’s right ladies and gents… C and I are expecting a baby boy!!! Little baby N will be arriving this summer and will be rounding out our little family. We will both be hanging the closed for business signs over our uteruses… or would it be uterus’ or uteri? Any who… We had our gender reveal party about 2 weeks ago, I know, I suck but I’m thinking of setting a weekly alarm to get me to blog more… Shoot, don’t feel neglected, my journal hasn’t gotten any action from me in moons as well so just know that I’m sharing the non writing love…

Back to business… For baby C we did a gender reveal cake, for baby N we decided to do a ballon pop. We cleaned the house, cooked dinner and decorated ourselves after spending countless hours on Pinterest… Our family and friends arrived, we ate dinner, had dessert, played a little game and then popped the ballon promptly at 5:30 pm. C has been saying that she thought it was a boy since the first day that we found out we were pregnant so imagine our reaction once the blue confetti fell from the ballon!!!!

I’m so ecstatic! We will have a boy and a girl and I know baby C will be an awesome big sister! I do have my fears about raising a little black boy in one of the most crime riddled cities in America but I know that God wouldn’t have blessed us with him if He didn’t think we were capable of doing the right things.





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