16 Weeks Pregnant and Relactation!

That’s right! C is 16 weeks pregnant today and we are looking more and more forward to the gender reveal party. So far, she hasn’t had one but of morning sickness! She did have a few days in the beginning where she had heartburn but otherwise, her prayers were answered and I’m happy because morning sickness sucks and C has horrible motion sickness! I look at her each day in awe and amazement. I still can’t believe that she’s pregnant and that we will be parents again come summer. 🙂

So, initially when we were discussing TTC, C was going to go first since she’s older. Then we decided that I would go first and we would have the babies close together so that I could breast feed both of them. Well, if you’ve been following my blog you know how breast feeding went with Baby C but despite it if been seriously thinking about trying to relactate so that I can breast feed Baby #2. I know that I can comfort nurse or use a SNS if nothing comes of my efforts.

For those unfamiliar with my past struggle, nursing became a time of stress and frustration in our house. I had a breast reduction about 12-13 years ago and of course they warn you that there may be that chance that you won’t be able to breast feed. I thought I would never have kids and I was young and not thinking about what may happen in my future. I was able to pump while in the hospital but it was slow getting my milk to come in and the fact that I had a C section didn’t help either. I finally got up to pumping an ounce or so in 15 minutes. Baby C was beginning to get jaundiced and we supplemented with formula and a syringe. My nipples were flat. She wouldn’t latch and the nipple shield only helped a bit. Eventually, once we got home, some times she would latch perfectly other times not. By then she was getting a bottle with formula and my breast never felt full like everyone said they would. I continued to pump every 2-3 hours. Eventually, I was getting close to 2 ounces a session. My left boob was always the over achiever. Eventually, I stopped pumping between 8-10 weeks and we went to formula full time.

Fast forward to today. My daycare baby is breast fed. Her mom brings bags and bags of milk for her and sometimes I long to be able to do the same. One night last week, while co-bathing, Baby C starts to notice my nipples. She’s nearly 10 months so this shocked me. She plucked them at first. Then a few days later, she did the same only this time to went to put it in her mouth. I let her hoping that she would want to nurse and that maybe, just maybe, I would be able to get SOMETHING flowing again. She BIT me. HARD. LOL.

About to days ago, I told C that I was reading about relactation. She was totally on board. I joined a few groups on Facebook and read tons of success stories. Even stories of women who were never pregnant breast feeding their adopted babies. I took some fenugreek and pumped about 3-4 times that day. By the last pumping session, I noticed a head of clearish liquid on my nipple. I was beyond excited. I took and pic (weird. I know) and texted it to C. I was even able to coax out another drop through hand expression. I didn’t pump yesterday tho but I’m pumping now as I write this blog.

I’m less stressed this time and have absolutely no expectation of producing much of anything. If I do, great! If I don’t, that’s fine too. Bottom line, I’ll still be able to breast feed via SNS or comfort nurse our new little one and for this I am thankful.



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