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13 weeks 5 days

It seems like the weeks are steadily rolling by and I’m seeing a baby bump slowly peeking out from my wife’s once flat abdomen. It’s cute. It’s sexy. It’s making me love her even more than I already do… And I’m not even sure that’s possible. She felt Sprouty moving around for the first time on Sunday and my heart filled with joy. I know it will be about a month or so before I can feel it but I remember how I felt when I felt Baby C moving around in my belly for the very first time. I cherish those special moments that no one on the outside knew we were sharing and I’m so grateful that my wife will forever have that experience. I’m so thankful that she’s giving me this experience from the other side of the belly.

Her strength is regal. She is beauty.


Merry Christmas!!!


Long Over Due… For a REAL update

Ok, so since I had that Halloween update sitting in my phone and didn’t hit publish until dang on near Christmas, I figured it only proper to give you all a REAL update on things over here at the CNC headquarters…

Baby C turned 9 months yesterday!!!! I know… We can’t believe it either!!!

Updates on Baby C:

  • She’s a crawling maniac
  • She has 2 bottom incisors and the top are presently coming in
  • She says: Ut oh, Go Go Go, ahbye (bye bye), and hey
  • Her favorite shows are: The Chica Show, Super WHY! and Tree Fu Tom
  • She also enjoys Barney and Calliou
  • She’s cruising and she takes the daring chance of letting go every now and again
  • And we are beginning to introduce her to more solids… I suppose you can say we are going baby led weaning
  • I now have 3 kids enrolled in my daycare and I’ve begun crocheting more… Orders are pouring in for hats and scarfs and I’m thinking of investing in a sewing machine and teaching myself how to make cloth diapers…

    C is doing awesome! She recently got a promotion at work and things are moving along smoothly…

    But on important piece of our journey that I would like to share is…

    That’s RIGHT! We are expecting Baby #2!!! We are becoming a family of four… But, I’m on the opposite side of the belly this go round!!! With this exciting news, I plan to update more often… So, another update soon comes because I don’t want to make this entry too long.

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    Happy Halloween

    Here is another old post that was just sitting in my phone waiting to be published… More recent posts to come… I promise.

    I know it’s been aeons since I’ve blogged… Life has been moving and Baby C has been growing… She’ll be 8 months next Thursday! C and I have also been learning to be awesome moms to our little girl.

    So much has happened since my last blog that I don’t even know where to begin… I guess I can begin by letting you guys know that I’m an official SAH/WAHM… I haven’t been at “work” for someone else since the week before I had Baby C. The paychecks officially stopped coming in August. I decided to open an at home daycare so that I could be home with Baby C. It just made sense for us financially that I didn’t return to the workforce and I finally get to do what I love… Spend my day with kids! As of today, I have one infant enrolled. If I can get 1-2 more children I’ll be happy…