Addicted… To cloth

I’m addicted to cloth. I’ve wanted to cloth diaper Baby C for quite some time now but I’ve always been overwhelmed with all of the choices when it comes to cloth diapering… One thing that I know about myself is I become easily overwhelmed when presented with too may choices. AIO’s, AI2’s, prefolds, flats, pocket, fitteds, covers, snaps or aplix… You see what I mean… And let’s not get started on brand! There are so many major brands and then so many cute WAHM diapers!

So, about a week or so ago I was in Target getting stuff for our first beach trip with Baby C and guess what I saw on the clearance rack? TWO THIRSTIES DUO DIAPERS for $4.18!!!!!! These dipes are normally about $12-$17 a pop! So, all of my overmelmedness… I’m sure that’s not a word but who cares, went out of the window and I grabbed them. They were pocket diapers with aplix closures… Got them home, washed them, threw one on Baby C and I fell in love with this phenomenon called cloth diapering! Since then, I have a meager stash of about 11 pocket diapers and 6 prefolds. I would ideally like to have a minimum of 24 dipes in rotation. I am waiting on 2 in the mail and sadly, I will be selling the cute bargain dipes that started me off because they are size 1 and a bit snug on Baby C…

Do any of you guys cloth diaper or plan to cloth diaper your baby? I highly recommend giving it a try… And it doesn’t hurt that there are so many cute prints!


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3 thoughts on “Addicted… To cloth

  1. That is a STEAL!! I found bumgenius diapers on clearance at cottonbabies(dot)com. It was the huge savings that let me convince my partner that we should do the cloth diaper jazz with our babies. 🙂 We cloth diapered for the first year and a half, then went back to disposables out of sheer “overwhelmedness” with our twins. 🙂 It was the washing that put me over the edge – with two bums, I had to do diaper laundry every day, and it was just too much to keep up with! But, I loved the savings, loved the non-chemical-ness of it, and were we to have a singleton down the road, I’d do it again. 🙂

    • herSweetpea says:

      I’m sure it can be very overwhelming with twins… Luckily, my wife does all of the other laundry so she agreed to let me do cloth if I did all the diaper laundry. I figured it was a fair exchange. ☺

      • Not too bad of a trade-off 🙂 We used to have the same laundry exchange until we moved with her promotion, bringing much longer hours for her. At least I can do the laundry “my way” now, he he he.

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