Figuring Out Baby C

Things that my daughter does while attempting to fall asleep that will forever baffle me:

1. Pull her hair… Ma’am, are you into some sadistic torture that requires you to inflict pain upon yourself? I would think not because it always results in you crying bloody murder.

2. Forcefully pulling her pacifier out of her mouth and then trying to put it back… Trying to improve your fine motor skills with this exercise is great but nap/bed time may not be the best time to practice this. It frustrates you.

3. Constantly pulling her bib, burp cloth or any other item over her face… Are you old enough to even know that you prefer your face being covered while you are asleep?

4. Pulling her ear and clawing at her face and neck… Ma’am? Need I ask you again about your sadistic tendencies…

And then, after her doing all of these things and me constantly trying to stop her… She falls asleep only to wake up 30-45 minutes later.

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One thought on “Figuring Out Baby C

  1. Our daughter did a lot of the same, it seemed she’d try anything to keep herself awake! We resorted to swaddling so the poor thing would leave her hair alone!!!

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