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Baby Shower, Babymoon and Ballooning

Well, here we are at 34 weeks plus a few days and things seem to be steadily moving along. C and I can hardly believe that in 19 days I will be at full term and our due date is 40 days away! It seems like this pregnancy has flown by. Although, I still have some days where I’m just ready for her to be out of my womb and in our arms. I’m getting tired. Like on the verge of tears if I don’t take a nap tired. Not to mention, my ankles have began to swell. My wrist too. Carpal tunnel is hell but try carpal tunnel in conjunction with pregnancy swelling. It makes simple tasks hard to complete but I’ve been pressing on. Prilosec, extra strength Tylenol and my wrist brace have been my saving graces. Unfortunately, I had to end my relationships with Tums and Zantac.

C and I are finally coming down off of the high and excitement from our baby shower and Babymoon. We are still in utter amazement at all of the love and gifts that we were showered with… and the gifts are still coming in! We had our shower about 2 weeks ago and then the Babymoon last weekend. It finally feels great to have all of the gifts put away, the nursery organized and ready, the car seat bases installed in both cars and the hospital bags packed. I finally feel like we are ready for Baby C’s arrival.

Here are a few pics of my 34 week bump, baby shower gifts and our lovely view from our lake side room at Rocky Gap Resort. It was the most relaxing Babymoon ever!





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