So, about those Tums…

First and foremost, two blog entries in one day is a world renowned record for me so feel free to applaud very loudly. Now, back to the ginormous bottle of Tums that I said you should keep next to your bed during pregnancy, if your pregnancy is anything like mine you can now toss them in the trash. They are now equivalent to Tic Tacs covered in chalk! I’ve now graduated to Zantac Maximum Strength. 1 pill twice a day and on some days that doesn’t even work.

Why am I telling you this now? Because I just had to make myself vomit for some relieve from this Demon spawn sized heartburn that I’ve been plagued with. I despise vomiting so for me to have to inflict this horrid action on myself is just… *sigh* Not to mention that I had to vomit in the sink because with every gag inflicted episode of torture I would pee on myself.

I honestly love being pregnant but I would be lying if I said I’m enjoying the heartburn that accompanies these last few weeks. If you know like I know, you need to pray to the digestive track god or simply God above that he spares you from heartburn.

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