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Pregnancy Stinks…

Well, not really, but you just may. Hormones. Change. Drastically. and if no one has told you this, I am telling you right now. No one forewarned me that along with the cute little baby bump would come such musky and horrid body odor… Ok, maybe horrid isn’t the correct word but just know that you may go through a period of changing hygiene products. Long gone are the days of skipping a shower and simply freshening up… as if I’m the only person that does this… Any who… I’m thinking it was around 5-6 months when C really noticed it. I tried to tell her that my body odor was changing or rather that I was hot ALL OF THE TIME and I had began to sweat more. I suppose she thought I was over exaggerating until that one fateful day… It was a Sunday morning and I decided that I wanted to get all cutesy for church and wear a pair of my old high heeled boots… mind you, they weren’t easy to walk in when I WASN’T pregnant… but that’s neither here nor there. So, I got dressed in a cute little rayon blend, I think it was rayon, either way, it wasn’t a very forgiving or breathable fabric, dress that C bought me, beat my face real good with my make up and put on my heels. We headed out to church and I prayed that this was a day that the pastor decided not to do an altar call or have us standing for long periods of time. Boy, was I wrong! He called us to the altar. While he was talking and praying I was shifting all of my pregnant baby weight from one foot to the other trying to save face and pretend like my feet weren’t screaming. Meanwhile, sweat was steadily pouring. I knew this wouldn’t end well. By the end of service I knew I needed a shower. On the car ride home, C exclaimed that something smelled like onions, and I had to hold my head in shame and admit that it was me.

So, for the people who won’t tell you, I will, pregnancy can make YOU stink. I ultimately had to switch from Dove to Dial and cross over to Secret Clinical strength deodorant. This combination is working for me so far.

But after you get one situation under control, don’t be surprised if another doesn’t come floating along… Pregnancy and incontinence goes hand in hand. So much so to the point where I vomited and pee’d on myself all at the same time while sitting at my desk at work. Gross, I know. But think of how cute the little baby that is causing all of this chaos and havoc is. Word to the wise, if you feel like you have to pee, find a bathroom. even. if. it. is. only. a. trickle. You will thank me later because we all know you don’t wanna be the chick that pisses her pants in public without a spare pair of dry panties.

Anyone that says sleep now while you can must’ve never been pregnant. If you’ve made it to the third trimester, congratulations! But, we all know that between peeing just about every hour or two and deadly Charlie horses sleep becomes something of a challenge. Never mind the little person pop locking in your uterus. I’m sure you can sleep through an elbow to the rib… Can’t we all? The heartburn and indigestion is a beast all and of itself. My advice, sleep with a wholesale size bottle of Tums next to your bed. You’ll thank me later.

But all in all, my pregnancy has been smooth and uneventful. Tomorrow will make 28 weeks and I will more than likely add a bump pic to this post later. Baby girl C is rolling around quite a bit these days with added jabs and punches here and there. Some mornings we play the poking game at 4 am after I’ve come from my second bathroom run and can’t quite fall back asleep. I love being pregnant but some things I wish ladies would be more candid about, hence this blog. I find the changes that your body goes through to be miraculous and comical all in the same breath. God is truly an artist with a sense of humor but at the end of 40 weeks, give or take, you are granted as care giver of the most beautiful of humans. It is so rewarding that I would be lying if I didn’t say that C and I are counting down the days to meet our baby girl.

And for the record, C has been the most loving and understanding wife through it all. I’m sure everyone thinks that about their wives but she is truly custom made for me and I’m glad that she’s in this journey with me… Even if I blow her at times she knows that eventually once I’m tired of her ignoring me I’ll gather all of my hormonal, crazy pregnant woman hormones together to pout and apologize and ask her to not be upset with me anymore.

I LOVE YOU C and I thank you for knocking me up with our little bambino! I’ve waited forever for you and this moment!


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It’s been so long since I’ve last updated that the entire WordPress login screen has changed. I’m pathetic I’m pregnant and I will continue to blame my lack of updates on this. Hey, between pregnancy brain and the sheer lack of motivation to type an entry, what do you expect. I mean, I am updating now so no big deal right? Ok, so… Update…

The gender reveal party has come and gone. My belly has gotten much bigger and this little girl is realizing that she has arms and legs and isn’t afraid of using either set of them to pummel me from the inside. She’s becoming more and more active as the days grow longer and I’m beginning to notice a pattern in her sleep and wake cycles. I’m sure it will become more pronounced as the weeks go by.

Speaking of days growing longer, for the first time in my life, I was hit with SAD, seasonal affective disorder. I didn’t think this existed until I realized that it was pitch black dark at like 5pm and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. It made me so sad. Not to mention, C was still in school at the time and she was gone on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Being home alone made it worse. Then came the insomnia, sleep deprivation and dehydration. About a week or two ago, I was dizzy, couldn’t sleep and my stomach was so uneasy. This went on for about 2 days before I told C the totality of it all and she took me to Patient First. My diagnosis: I’m pregnant. No shit. They really did a pregnancy test and wrote this as one of the diagnosis as if this (at the time) 24 week belly wasn’t protruding enough for Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder to notice it. But any who, the doctor said that I was dehydrated and sleep deprived which is a vicious cycle that feeds on itself. He gave me Benadryl to get to sleep, Phenergan for the nausea, and Zofran in case it gets really bad. As much as I didn’t want to pop any pills during this pregnancy, I took 2 Benadryl, 1 Phenergan and slept pretty good that night. I stayed home the next day to rest up and decided that while I was home, I would put away Baby C’s things in her new dresser. Yep, the nursery is just about done. All we need is a rug and a bookshelf. I’ve been doing better in the sleeping department although it was rough getting to sleep last night. For the most part, my anxiety with sleeping isn’t as severe as it was the first few days after my Patient First visit. C assured me that the anxiety attacks that I was experiencing at night fall were normal and would go away once I established a regular habit of falling asleep on my own accord and she was right. I try not to obsess over whether or not I will be able to sleep and simply try to relax. This in combination with C rubbing my back as needed has helped tremendously.


So, now we are at 25 weeks, pushing 26 and roughly 101 days until my due date. I’m secretly pulling for March 17th though. Upcoming events include the dreaded glucose test, our tour of the hospital OB unit and I will be scheduling a lactation class for C and I to attend. C and the rest of the family is also planning a big baby shower for next month.

Happy Holidays bloggers!


Rounding Out During the Holidays

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