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Anatomy Scan & Gender Revealing Goodness

So, of course the best time to update your blog is while you are awaiting the touch down of an impending hurricane and taking a hot bath… Yeah, well, it seems perfectly logical to me… I simply hard rains and high winds right now and I’m dirty and you guys want to know what I’m carrying in my belly… and if you don’t, you can stop reading now. I won’t get mad, I promise.

Anywho, C and I went in last Wednesday for our big anatomy/anomaly scan. I drank far less water than I did the first time because I didn’t want to pee on the table as the sonographer pressed down on my tummy. We told the tech as soon as we got in her office that we didn’t want to know what the baby was. She responded by saying they only told if we asked. We explained to her that we were having a gender reveal party this weekend and she totally knew what to do. She began the scan and pointed out all of the major organs and such in this little one. It was so amazing to see everything and to know that everything is progressing and functioning normally. We even saw the little lens in the eyes. She did have me to empty my bladder at one point in efforts to get the baby to turn around and voila! It worked like a charm. After almost an hour of scanning and measuring, we were handed a string of sono pics of the little ones profile shoot and the tech proceeded to leave the room. I was a bit nervous thinking she didn’t see the gender but to my surprise so smiled and reassured us that see indeed knew the gender of our baby. She left out and the doctor came in to re assess and she confirmed the sonographer’s findings. We left the genetics center with yet another sealed envelope with the identity of our baby sealed within. We also left knowing that our baby measures on schedule as far as head and waist growth but the arms and legs are measuring almost 2 weeks ahead. C is ecstatic with the thought of a future basketball player!

And then, we had to wait until Saturday. We weren’t quite sure how the party would turn out but it was a blast! People arrived dressed in pink or blue depending on what they wanted the baby to be. They signed in by TeamPink & TeamBlue. We ate dinner, took an old wives tale quiz and before we knew it, it was time to cut the cake. C and I stood over the cake while all of our family and friends crowded around and cheered “boy” or “girl”. I was nervous, I’m not sure about C but we cut together and what do you know… a pink strawberry cake complete with real strawberry filling! We are having a little GIRL!!!!!! For the first time during this pregnancy, I cried! I’m so excited! I can’t be happier knowing that we have a little princess on the way! Now, I will have two C’s in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful! God has truly blessed us!


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This kid!

This is one stubborn Aries baby!!! C and I decided to go to a free standing gender/ultrasound place to find out the kid’s gender. Our official gender scan is next Wednesday but we decided that we wanted a back up plan in case the kid didn’t cooperate and show the goods. So, we headed to Little Bo Peep and paid $75 for a sneak peak ultrasound and all we got was a picture of some feet!!!
The baby was facing my back the entire time! The sonographer had me roll from side to side and this kid still wouldn’t budge. When she did get a glimpse of the face, the kid put its arm in the way and dropped the little chin down to the chest to obstruct any possible view. The sonographer was able to see the gender but we didn’t look. We held our eyes tightly shut and C even put her hands over my face. We had her seal it in an envelope and we mailed it to the baker. We are going to find out with everyone else at the gender reveal party next weekend. If it’s a boy, the inside of the cake will be blue. If it’s a girl, the inside of the cake will be pink.

Until then… Here is my 18 week bump…


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Overdue for an update

It’s been like forever… or maybe, just 3 weeks, give or take. Anywho, things are progressing nicely. I’m swiftly approaching 17 weeks and I have started feeling little flutters. The flutters started about 3 weeks ago. Maybe, I mentioned them in my last blog. I don’t really remember. But yeah, things are moving along. Life is happening. We’ve found a crib and a bassinet on Craigslist for very reasonable prices and we are gearing up to paint the nursery. In the upcoming weeks, we will have our gender ultrasound and then a gender reveal party. I’m sure it will be hard to hang on until the party to find out the actual gender of our little bean but we’ve waited thus far.

Second trimester meant goodbye to the all day nausea but hello to random bouts of vomiting. And when I say random, I mean random. C had to pull over on the side of the road while we were on vacation because I was about to be sick in the car. It came out of no where, but I couldn’t be happier. I’m getting bigger and my line is getting darker. At our last ultrasound, the doctor tried to listen to the kids heartbeat via the Doppler but someone, we won’t mention who, wanted to run from the Doppler. So, we cheated and used the ultrasound. We got to see our little bean, who isn’t such a little bean any more.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic!

16 Week Bumpage: