And I’m back…

From my honeymoon that is… Yes, I’m officially a pregnant newlywed and life is grand. Even with the nausea, dizziness and exhaustion. I happily welcome them all as long as my little sunshine continues to sprout! It’s amazing how much growth can occur in a week and a half. We went in for our first ultrasound the day before the wedding, I was 5 weeks exactly, and all we saw was the gestational sac. Surprisingly, my RE wasn’t expecting to see that much and she was presently surprised when our baby made its grand appearance immediately for us all to see. It still feel surreal! We went back in this past Monday, 6w4d, for another ultrasound and by God, we saw that little heart just a beating and beating away. I couldn’t help but to smile, pray and thank God all in one breath! We tried to hear the little heart beat but we could only hear me so we are looking forward to our upcoming ultrasound on Monday… then we will have to switch to an OB. I’m really going to miss our RE. She’s a pretty cool lady and although we didn’t have to do the IUI, it was great consulting with her and her walking us thru this much of our pregnancy.

I think I’m getting more nauseous as the weeks progress and I welcome this sickness knowing it means my baby is growing healthy. The exhaustion can beat you down tho. I fight thru most of my work day before 11 am even greets me. Shoot, I’m dozing off as I type this here blog entry. I need to drink water but I’m afraid that will provoke me vomiting and I’m craving tacos and western fries. OH! The joys of pregnancy. This is going to be a fun, fun journey and I’m looking forward to it all!

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