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Thanking God for our blessing.

I promised you a back story, and here it is, filled with thanksgiving and gratitude! C and I started this journey 7 months ago but even before we started this journey of trying to expand our family, we created a vision board. We both chose a side for our personal goals and the center was designated for what we wanted to achieve together. For those of you who aren’t familiar with vision boards, it’s when you make a visual depiction of all of the things you want to manifest in your life. This visual board keeps you focused daily and by faith God will bring those things to you. You may or may not have read “The Secret” but by biblical principles it’s the same concept… Death and life are within your tongue, Proverbs 18:21, so speak things as if they were. Anywho, of course marriage, and motherhood were ever present on my side of the board but looking at it now, I asked to develop a stronger relationship with God. And by God, if this journey in and of itself didn’t do just that.

God has a way of humbling us while at the same time answering ALL of our prayers. I’ve never cried, prayed or shared God’s greatness more in my life than I have within the last 7 months and as a result, I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that prayer WORKS! I encourage anyone to try it. But, just know, that even if we don’t think that God answers us right then and there, never give up on believing that He has set the wheels in motion towards your blessing.

You know, I think back to when I was 7 and I first learned about prayer. I was taught that God answers prayer in Bible study and so I immediately went home and prayed for a new bike. I got up off of my knees and searched my room high and low. No, I didn’t find a bike that day, but God has blessed me with more than enough bikes over the years. So, be patient and wait on God.

Fast forward to today, C and I prayed to be parents. We fasted and did all that we could humanly do to facilitate the process of living taking up residence in my womb. We were greeted with a series of six failed cycles. We had to take it up a notch. We decided to increase our power in the spiritual realm. We both sent out text and emails to our friends of faith requesting prayer and with that, our prayer circle was formed. I gave you more of the story in a previous post, so you already know how things progressed up to insemination. We prayed daily and sent out emails and text reminding our circle to keep praying.

And then the dreams started. I dreamt of two pink lines, not once but twice! The first time I was confused because I never actually pee’d in the cup or on a stick in the dream. C simply screamed from the bathroom for me to come to her. On July 7th, I had another two pink line dream. I woke up at 5am and went to the bathroom. I had the urge to pee in a specimen cup so I did and I left it on the counter and climbed back in bed. C woke up about an hour later. She let the dog out but was taking forever to come back to bed. I got up to go pee again and she was screaming for me from the bathroom. She was holding a test with a VERY faint second line. OH MY GOODNESS!!! We went back and forth asking if we both saw a line. We both thanked God over and over while hugging. We went on with our day and I tested again later that afternoon. I’m sure we took a total of 6 test that weekend. We couldn’t be more elated!

God worked things out as He orchestrated them! You may never know why you walk the path that you walk but eventually, God always brings you to your breakthrough or blessing. Be steadfast and know that if you pray it, it goes directly from your lips to God’s ears. Just continue to be diligent and faithful!

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Oh, hai God!

Story to follow…


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A Positive Update

Hey guys! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged and that sadly enough, my last blog wasn’t on so much of a positive note… Well, I’ve got my mojo back! 🙂

Let me bring you up to speed… I’ve been meaning to call my Reiki master since week before last about having a session done since it’s been so long since I’ve had a treatment and going thru all of this emotional stuff I was sure I needed to balance my energy and to simply relax… I’ve had dreams about her, gone to her fb page… everything but text her… So, pastor did an alter call Sunday (June 24th) and we all went up… While he was talking, he mentioned a few of the Reiki principles… I happen to say them every day as a mantra (For today only, do not be angry, do not be anxious but be grateful. Work hard and be kind to others) *Light bulb number 1!* We went back to our seats and guess who sent me a text???? My reiki master!!!! *Light bulb number 2* Asking how things were going, (she knows I’m TTC) and if I wanted to come in for a session… I texted her back and she said she had appointments on Monday and Wednesday. I thought Monday *Light bulb number 3* would be perfect! I could go in before having the HSG procedure and have even more spiritual covering over me… Set appointment. During service, my pastor began speaking about conception and how 10 months from now we will behold a newly renovated portion of our church and how if God can make a baby in 9 months it’s not impossible… *Light bulb number 4* I started doing my ovulation predictor kits and prayed that I didn’t get the green light to inseminate until AFTER the test because the dye would was away my egg and sperm if it was released before the test… I’ve never taken more than one ovulation test a day… This go round, I did 3! I did my fertility monitor at 6 am, then the digital smiley test at noon and then another digital smiley test at 8:30pm. I got a high on my monitor Monday morning, June 25th, and I didn’t get a smiley on digital test at noon… Good signs… Got home from my reiki session took the test at 8:30 praying for no smiley… and low and behold we GOT A SMILEY. HOLY CRAP! C immediately texted our donor… He was aware to be on standby for later in the week so when he got the text saying that we needed him now he didn’t believe us! LOL. C sent him a pic of the smiley. 🙂 Do we inseminate and cancel the test or not inseminate and pray that the egg isn’t destroyed… I called to have the on call doctor paged. Our donor, by the grace of God, was less than 10 minutes away from our house! The on call doctor called back and was amazed that I got a smiley that soon but told me that he wouldn’t waste a cycle. He told me if we wanted to inseminate and cancel the test, that would be fine.

We inseminated 4 times this cycle and are praying that this is it for us! We get married on July 20th and I believe I’ll test on the 15th. That date came to me in meditation the other day before I had even looked at my chart for the test day. I also had my very first 2 pink lines dream last night. It was awesome!

So… Here is were I solicit more prayers! Pray that a little baby was created!!! Pray that little baby sticks in there and I get a positive pregnancy test in 2 weeks…. Pray guys!!! 🙂

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