Change in Perspective.

It’s amazing what a few days or weeks can bring. Trying to conceive is indeed an emotional roller coaster. How else can you explain going from feeling like you are infertile and will never conceive to being full of hope and excitement about what may be happening within your uterus… Oh, to be a woman! 🙂 So, I am fresh off of another round of at home inseminations. We were able to get three in this cycle. Last month, which was the first month that I used the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, we got 2 highs, then 2 peaks, and another high. This month, I was expecting to get the same readings. Most importantly, we wanted to be able to do our inseminations before C left for her bachelorboi party in Miami. So, when we got the first high on Thursday and couldn’t inseminate due to a hectic schedule we didn’t panic. I was certain I would get another high on Friday and the first peak on Sunday. C bet that it would go immediately to peak the next day, and by God it did! We had already told our KD to be on standby for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We both took off from work on Friday to attend the funeral of a loved one. The day started out beautifully and then the monsoon hit! Our KD called when he was close and I ran out to get more preseed. Of course, it started pouring sheets of rain when I needed to run from the store to the car. I picked C up and we headed out to meet our KD. Due to the weather, he got stuck in traffic. Luckily, C’s mom lives close to where we were supposed to meet so we just went there and lounged around with her sis until he called. I put in some preseed and waited. He actually ended up coming to the house to “use the bathroom.” He put the deposit in the cup and left. C did the do and inserted the baby batter. I inserted the cup, slid my pants back on and laid down for a bit. We hung around the house for a bit longer and then headed home. 

Saturday, we inseminated in the parking garage. LOL. After reading so many TTC blogs, I’m realizing that you inseminate where and when the opportunity presents. No need of letting fresh baby batter get cold. Sunday, we inseminated at our KD’s place. So, that’s that folks. 3 days this cycle. I started my progesterone suppositories last night and I must say that using an overnight pad works MUCH better than a panty liner! And with that, we wait…

I’m hopeful and excited. I’m trying not to get too overjoyed but the possibility of this being our cycle is outweighing all of the negative emotions I had last week. 

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One thought on “Change in Perspective.

  1. Crystal says:

    Now this post makes me happy 🙂 Swim swimmers! First one to the egg get’s to be born!

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