Sitting with Sadness

I’ve sat with sadness

on more than one occasion

Allowed tears to stream down a once stoic face,

this journey has humbled me

Allowed me to see that fertility is more than a word

That babies are truly a gift from God and no hands can predict a swift arrival

Even in seconds

Minutes minutely slip into the abyss

and yet we continue to kiss hope with lips full

Of sorrow

Of pain

But we remain steadfast



Never allowing the idea of infertility to be degrading

Although we often think of ourselves as broken

In spirit

In song

We cry to the tune of empty wombs

Allow fallopian tubes to whistle sadness thru awaiting cervix

Issue mating calls

Beckoning semen to waver the storm

Dock safely in our harbor

We refuse to harbor ill will with God

For He is the Captain of this sea and He sees our perseverance

But we sit

On the bedside

With sadness

Awaiting the day when our precious cargo has been transported safely

To our harbor

And then we will sit

Belly full of hope

And happiness

Tucking sadness away in our bra

For later days


© 2012

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