Mother’s Day. Bittersweet.

Today has been bittersweet. I’m currently getting my Rev. Run on and blogging from a hot bath as I unwind and reflect on today. Mother’s Day. A day of gratitude, thankfulness, and an overall expression of appreciation for the women who birthed us. But in years past and most recently, I’ve come to learn that the mother is not birthed once she holds life within her womb. Some of the best mothers are birthed via circumstance. I’m speaking of the women who step in and give of themselves selflessly when it comes to assisting in the upbringing of a child. Adoption, mentors, aunts, cousins and even some friends serve as mothers to us in some way shape or form throughout various seasons in our lives and we should be grateful for them as well.

Today was our 2nd Annual Mother’s Day brunch. C and I decided to start this tradition last year as a means to celebrate all of the wonderful women in our lives and to unite our families. This year was yet another success but the bitterness of TTC creeped in at various moments. I tried my best to not let it overshadow the bigger picture and the fact that C and I will indeed be mothers soon enough. I looked from one cousin who recently suffered a miscarriage at 6 weeks to her sister who has bore 2 kids but they spend most of their time with my grandmother. She looked me in my face and said laughing, “I know y’all not mothers.” That statement issued a sting that I’m sure she had no intentions of sending my way. The only person in my immediate family that knows we are actively trying it my mom and we only speak of it in confidence. A part of me wanted to let my cousin who suffered a miscarriage know that I know what she’s going thru somewhat and that we are on the journey of TTC although I’m sure she wasn’t trying. Things can be sticky that way. But I kept on hosting and enjoying my family as the little voice in the back of my head kept whispering that we are on 6DPO and we have an appointment tomorrow with a doctor.

I enjoyed my mom and grandma today along with my in-love’s. I have a host of family old and new who love me and C dearly and I can’t wait until we are officially moms by society’s standards.

Happy Mother’s Day guys!

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One thought on “Mother’s Day. Bittersweet.

  1. Crystal says:

    very nicely put 🙂

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