Progress… Catching that egg!

Good morning! I hope all is well with you all out there in blog land! As far as things on our end, I’m learning and we are growing. You know, I’ve prayed about strengthening my faith and being drawn closer to God and each and every month that we’ve been TTC and that we’ve gotten a BFN I’ve gotten a bit stronger and have drawn even closer to God. My faith has grown leaps and bounds and I simply know that God will move when He sees fit and not a second before. Then again, let me rephrase that… God IS moving, He’s simply working things out in ways and areas that WE can’t yet see. I’m sure in years to come, we will look back on this entire journey and see just how He worked it out. But for now…

We started using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor this cycle and C was just as excited and anxious as I was to see if and when the little gauge would go from low to peak. We read so many reviews of women who never received a high or peak reading during their first cycle with the monitor. Some women even jumped directly to peak from low. Either way, we wanted our egg. I felt like a kid at an Easter Egg hunt searching high and low for my prize. So, on CD6 I started pee’ing on the test stick and placing it in the slot and waiting for the results. We got our first high reading on Saturday, CD12, and decided to do a “just because” insemination. We were also told to back up our monitor readings with OPK’s since this was our first round with the monitor just to be sure we didn’t miss our surge. We did another insemination yesterday on CD13 even though the reading was high. I also pee’d on the internet strip OPK after we did our insemination yesterday evening around 5 pm and it was positive. C bet me that I would get a peak on Tuesday, CD15, and I told her that I thought I would get it today, CD14. Welp, I won! We got our egg this morning. Along with a message that I needed to clean the test slot. We are all set to do an insemination tonight and then another one tomorrow evening. We are determined to catch that egg!


I’m starting to think that my FF chart has been using my temp and pinning the wrong O date but we shall see. My temperature was REALLY low on Saturday. It has gotten progressively higher over the past two days but I’m just getting my peak today. We shall see what day FF pins as my O date. Either way, I’m feeling great about this go round and I’m learning that we are in this for the experience of the journey and not so much of the end result although holding a bundle of joy in our arms would also be wonderful.

Either way, I’m happy either way God decides to bless us. Even in times of sadness, I know that His plan and purpose far out weighs my emotions.

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4 thoughts on “Progress… Catching that egg!

  1. Crystal says:

    your unwaivering faith in god and the process is general is bound to be rewarded! It is also an inspiration to me, though I don’t know that you intended for it to be so 🙂 Hoping and praying and sending sticky baby dust your way girls!

  2. Nikkya says:

    Sending prayers your way!

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