For a writer, I suck at posting

Yep. I really couldn’t think of anything else to name this blog and this is my current train of thought at the moment. I’m a writer. I love to write. It’s cathartic but I’m also a Scorpio with a moon in Sagittarius. I retreat. Often.

So yeah, we are in the final stretch of the 2WW and as I said before, I stopped taking my temps after ovulation was confirmed. It has surprisingly helped out a lot! By not tempting or checking my cervical mucus I have been in the frame of mind that we didn’t even inseminate at all this month and that AF is swiftly approaching. Even though I’ve been praying that she doesn’t appear, I keep telling myself that her arrival is imminent so that I won’t be totally disappointed if in fact she does show up or we test and get a BFN.

Who knew that this whole process was so emotionally taxing. Who thinks about if they are fertile or have fertility issues until there are actually in the midst of trying and waiting and waiting and trying. Yes, it only takes 1 time to do the do and get pregnant but who’s to say that that 1 time won’t happen until time number 3 or time number 15. It’s all a matter of timing and putting your faith in God. After it’s all said and done, God determines when that little angel will be released from cloud duty and placed in your belly to get all comfy and cozy.

No tempting equated to not looking at my chart. Not looking at my chart equated to not reading or posting in any sort of baby or TTC forum. Not reading or posting in any baby or TTC forums equated to me not reading any TTC blogs and not reading any TTC blogs lead to me not posting anything on this here blog. But, I’m here now. Still waiting. CD10 and counting. AF is due to arrive on Thursday. Test day is Friday according to




C is being a great support system. It feels wonderful that I can confide all of my fears in her, but then again that’s her job as my soon to be spouse right. LOL. I remember the day after our first insemination. I swear I had each and every symptom that was listed on those sites. The second go round not so much and now, I just ignore whatever I’m feeling and chalk it up to PMS.

But until we get a definite answer, I’m still here. C’s still good and the wedding planning continues. I’ll do my best about keeping this here blog updated.

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2 thoughts on “For a writer, I suck at posting

  1. C says:

    The wait is hard 😦 Thinking of you both and sending some super positive preggo vibes your way! BTW, since you are a writer I feel compelled to tell you to please disreguard my total and complete lack of punctuation and atrocious gramatical errors on my blog…and this run on sentence 😉

    • iradiate says:

      Thank you so much for the positive preggo vibes! It means so much to have such support! Especially from people who totally understand it all. Your little Miss is so adorable! And, no worries about your writing! I absolutely love your blog and your writing style. It’s refreshing, true and genuine. 😀 That’s not easy to find these days.

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