Count down in the thick of it…

So, this morning was my third consecutive high temp which marks Saturday as O day. I’m currently 3 DPO and I have stuck the basal thermometer in my nightstand drawer. It will stay packed away for the remainder of the 2WW because I can’t handle taking my temp every morning during this time. And so, we wait. I’ve been doing great about not obsessively checking my chart, or scanning the internet for early pregnancy symptoms. I also have been trying my best to ignore every cramp, twinge or tingle that I feel in any area remotely near my uterus or Fallopian tubes. I’ve been trying my best to shift my focus and my love has been great with assisting me.

Here lately, I’ve been pouring my focus over wedding planning and trying to get my weight back under control. I was 225 lbs at my heaviest and I am around 5’3″. I managed to get down to 163 lbs two years ago and my doctor was very pleased. Although she said I don’t have to necessarily get back down to 163 lbs in order to please her, she would be happy if I was down to 170 lbs before pregnancy. So, I’m back to counting my WW points and going back to being as strict as I can possibly be with my veganism. I was very successful about staying within my points yesterday and I’m praying that today will be the same. 

Between wedding blogs and recipe searches, I’ve been staying pretty busy. There are so many awesome TTC blogs out there but a part of me is afraid to read them. I don’t want to read about the worst case scenarios because I will immediately begin to think the worst about our situation. I think the 2WW is the most difficult of it all and I simply try my best not to be moody or snap at my love. She’s been pretty understanding thru it all and even tho I am on an emotional roller coaster I have to constantly remind myself that she’s going thru it all with me and although she may not know how I feel first hand, she is experiencing emotions all her own.

We are learning and growing together and we seem to be getting better and better at the insemination process. For now we remain prayerful!

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