another cycle down.

Well, we still aren’t preggers yet. I started my cycle yesterday. Tuesday. I dislike Tuesday’s at this part in live and not necessarily because I started my cycle but more so because my Milk has school Tuesday evenings so she doesn’t get home until late.

I should have known when I woke up yesterday morning that AF would arrive on schedule since my temperature had dropped a bit but I was still hanging on to hope. I swear I went to the bathroom every hour while at work looking for red spots and then they appeared. TMI for some but this is a TTC blog so yeah, you don’t have to read anymore if you don’t want. Or you can keep reading because I’m not going to get too in depth. I’ll just say I started spotting at work and by the time I got home from work and woke up from my nap I decided to chuck this cycle like the last one and move on to planning our next round of inseminations.

We both took it a bit rough this go round but we reminded ourselves to trust God and stay positive. In essence we weren’t set to start trying until April anyway so we are ahead of the game. We also realized that this second go round was much more relaxing than the first. With each round of inseminations we get a little better with our technique and seem to stressless leading up to test day. Last time we used a syringe and an Soft Cup. For our next insemination, we are planning to use the syringe, some pre seed lube, the Soft Cup and we will get him to put the sample in a non spermicidal condom so that we won’t waste any of that good good baby batter. We are still hopeful and full of prayers!

I did write a poem about the two week waiting experience but I’m not sure if I will post it here… If I do, it won’t be now.

I did great this past cycle and I didn’t read ANY early pregnancy symptoms while waiting for test day. I think doing that the first go round added to my stress level. This morning I decided to delete ALL pregnancy apps for my phone with the exception of my FertilityFriend app. Hopefully, this will help me keep a nonchalant attitude about our TTC journey.

Just wanted to do a brief update.

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