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It’s been aeons since I’ve updated and I simply have no excuse accept for the fact that this process has been rather emotional for me. These emotions kept me from blogging when ironically, I began this blog in attempts to help me with the entire emotion driven process of being 1 half of a lesbian couple TTC.

I thought that the little sperm dude would swim straight up to my egg and burrow away, but since I started my cycle today, I guess there was a level of miscommunication between sperm and egg… Or maybe he was just a bit shy. Either way, our trial run, which I was praying would be successful, was just that, a trial run.

All in all, we survived the two week wait and are looking to try again. Maybe I’ll come back later and take you into the specifics of it all or maybe I won’t… All in all. We aren’t prego yet and we are excited to try again…

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