Letter to My Unborn Child

Letter to My Unborn

My heart aches
to feel you grow
root beneath rib cage like
tubers in soil
I miss you
like familiar stranger
ever present in dreams
You are dear to me
Keep my heart beating
at the thought of feeling yours
long to kiss cheeks that pucker with newness
You smell of innocence
Fingers not knowing the roughness of life
Yours is what drives me
I accept the position as your nurturer
Promise to transport you
safely thru canals of love
birth you into warmth of family
discipline you in wrong doing
but most importantly
mold you to be the best you
you can possibly be
Until we meet
love always,

-© Nicole “luminoUS” Swett, 2012

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2 thoughts on “Letter to My Unborn Child

  1. This poem is beautiful, I too am trying to conceive. All the best of luck to you 🙂

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